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Sith on Saleucami

Posted on Fri Aug 6th, 2021 @ 2:41pm by Darth Revan & Apprentice Johal

Episode: Episode I: Rise of the Sith
Location: Surface of Saleucami, Saleucami System, Suolriep Sector
Timeline: Day 1 at 2220

Johal sat motionless in the passenger compartment of a shuttle as it carried her towards the surface of Saleucami, able to sense the emotions of the squad of soldiers surrounding her. Most of the soldiers were battle hardened warriors and knew what to expect, but some of the soldiers were raw recruits and were unsurprisingly nervous.

The Sith opened her eyes and stared at no one in particular, she could feel the difference in the descent of the shuttle, as it neared the surface of Saleucami. A planet Johal had heard little about, but if Revan was here, there had to be a reason for it, and it was her sworn duty to find out the reason, or reasons, as to why Revan was here, and what made this place important to a fallen Jedi.

Once the shuttle had touched down on the surface of the planet, Johal rose to her feet, as did her troopers who filed off of the shuttle first and flanked the ramp, forming an impromptu guard of honor. Johal strode down the ramp surveying all around her, taking note of rather nervous looking officer.

"Greetings my lord, welcome to Saleucami," the officer said barely controlling his absolute terror at greeting a member of the Sith Order, and a pureblood sith one at that.

Johal studied the officer pleased at the sheer terror he was experiencing "What have we here?" she asked gesturing to a large group huddled together.

"Prisoners of War my lord awaiting transport off world," the Officer replied "Aliens for the most part, with a few humans thrown in for good measure," he added.

Johal nodded "Excellent, i await an update on the situation here," she told the Officer.

"If you'll follow me, I'll take you to our HQ and update you from there," the officer said.

Johal nodded "Lead on Colonel," she told the officer.

The Colonel set off at once towards the centre of the Imperial outpost Johal was accompanied by her guards as she moved, her Twi'lek slave trailing several feet behind at a respectful distance.

When they reached Imperial HQ, the Colonel led Johal into the Command centre, and he then activated the 3D holographic display showing the situated on Saleucami as it stood "The Grand Army of the Republic is entrenched here in their base. It is well defended, but it is ready to be besieged," the Colonel explained.

Johal studied the map for herself with interest "We need to neutralize these two outposts before we can get sufficient forces on the field to attack the GAR base," she commented.

"Agreed my lord. I have detailed two of our best battalions for the job. We have given the defenders three days to evacuate," the Colonel replied.

Johal heard someone make a comment contrary to the Colonel's statement "Yes Sergeant, what is it you were saying?" she asked.

"The Colonel gave the defenders ten days to evacuate, not three..." the Sergeant replied.

"Captain Barlow," Johal said.

"My Lord," a human male in battle armour replied.

"Relieve both these imbeciles of their ranks and duties, have them both assigned to a front line battalion, as scouts," Johal ordered.

"With pleasure my lord," the Captain replied gesturing to his men to seize the Colonel and the Sergeant for their combined ineptitude.

Johal waited until the disgraced personnel were out of the Command Centre "Major, order the battalions sent to take the outposts to begin their assault at once, if they surrender capture them, if not kill them," she ordered.

"Yes my lord," replied an Imperial Army Major who scurried out of the command centre to relay the orders to the relevant commanders.

"Master, why did you punish the Sergeant, he exposed the Colonel's lie?" the Twi'lek slave enquired timidly fearing punishment.

"In exposing his superior's lie slave, he exposed himself as untrustworthy and thus unfit to remain in any position where he could repeat his behaviour," Johal replied.

For the next two days the Imperial Army besieged the outposts between the Empire and Republic HQ, once both of the final outposts fell, Johal was satisfied that all was in readiness.

Johal was stood in the Imperial Command centre, reviewing the casualty reports, little or none on the Imperial side but on the other side quite heavy.

"Order the bulk of our forces into position, to assault the Republic HQ," Johal told the Imperial Major now in command of all ground forces.

"With pleasure mylord," the Major replied and he exited the Command Centre.

Imperial forces began to move forward towards the enemy HQ, in readiness to begin the onslaught, failure was not an option, not with a ruthless Sith Lord in command.

It wasn't long before an update was received from one of the Recon units on the edge of the offensive line. A hologram of a trooper appeared on the Sith lord's communications device. "Mistress," the Trooper nodded respectfully, "the Republic forces have finally mustered a defence perimeter about two clicks from the target location. Judging by the size of the force, the target must be empty by now."

Johal showed little or no emotion at this news "Excellent," she told the trooper "Are all our forces in position to begin the onslaught?" she asked the trooper.

Johal was keen to get this over and done with but she didn't want to commence the assault on the enemy forces without having sufficient personnel and firepower on the field to get the job done with a minimum of fuss and bother.

"They are, my Lord, but you should be aware that three Jedi Cruisers have arrived in orbit and have begun a counter offensive. We should move quickly," the Trooper advised, the markings on his armour indicating that he was a Sergeant in her forces.

Johal cursed under her breathe "Order our forces to begin the attack. I will be with you and your men Sergeant as soon as I can be, we have no time to waste. If the Jedi get involved our progress will be impeded," she said to the Sergeant "Remain here slave, I shall return when I am done," she added.

"Yes mistress," the Twi'lek replied timidly.

"As you wish, my Lord," the Sergeant's hologram responded with a bow before shimmering and disappearing from existence. Somewhere on Saleucami, the offensive began.


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