Revan's Requirements

Posted on Thu Nov 11th, 2021 @ 10:23pm by Darth Revan & Darth Voss

Episode: Episode I: Rise of the Sith
Location: Sith Dreadnought Dominance
Timeline: Day 4 at 1100

Voss had been here before. Above a planet, aboard a cushy Sith Cruiser, while Imperial troops pulled out of a planet ripe with treachery and sedition against the Empire. Only this was no ordinary command ship; it was Revan’s personal flagship, the Siphon class dreadnought Dominance.

On the bridge of the command ship, she awaited Revan himself. He had spent four hours going over reports and talking with those on the surface of Saleucami. Many had been killed at the dark-clad warrior's command, their leader displeased with the way the Jedi had been permitted to mount a defence of the planet. Some were given second chances, though. Lucky for them. She was sure that she, as one of his Acolytes, would not have been afforded a second chance had she failed the Dark One.

Darth Revan scared everyone, after all. Even to those closest to him he was terrifying at the best of times. He was one of the most powerful of their kind, despite his beginnings with the Jedi. Even though she had not yet been involved in the battle, she could feel his displeasure.

"Perhaps our fallen brethren are the lucky ones," Voss remarked as she glared out into space from her spot on the bridge of the Imperial Vessel, her voice sounding a little robotic thanks to the voice synthesizer in her helmet.

"Maybe not," the ship’s commanding officer remarked. Grand Moff Torsten Frings pulled his gloves off, her blue hands were steady, but inside he felt the terror of an impending dread that sat in the ship commander's office, his office. “We simply lost the element of surprise far earlier than expected. The Jedi may be many things, but they are not stupid. We were never going to maintain the element of surprise."

"Lord Revan will not tolerate such excuses," Voss chastised her counterpart, still smarting from the fact that Revan had not seen fit to deploy her during the initial assault.

The blast doors opened in that instant and a wave of hatred and fury washed over the bridge. Instantly, the workstation tech stood and bowed, while the Sith and her military colleague bowed to one knee. The rebreather on Revan’s chest worked expertly with the hiss and shoosh noises so common with the Darth's presence.

"Four hours, Frings, yet still your men have not secured the Citadel," Revan opened.

Suddenly, Grand Moff Frings felt it hard to breathe, for Revan let his statement hang in silence. He knew the question the Sith Lord wanted to be answered.

"M'lord," the Grand Moff began with his eyes firmly diverted to the floor. "...ISB reported no signs that Saleucami had a significant Jedi unit operating there. We expected more of their forces to still be deployed in the Mandalore sector.”

Revan rose his left hand and made a fist. Immediately, the Grand Moff dropped completely to the floor, gasping for air. Unphased by the man’s predicament, Revan turned to Voss.

"And what is your assessment, Sister?" Revan breathed in and out mechanically, his gaze only on the young warrior.

“They failed, Lord Revan,” the Sith youngster told bluntly, her helmet lowered to face the floor much as her counterpart had. “but I will not,” the masked woman told, expecting to be face planting the floor and struggling to breathe within seconds.

Several moments of pondering occurred in which Revan turned to each figure. His heavy breathing and seething presence left a pregnant pause on the bridge in which everyone stood frozen in fear. Without warning, his invisible grip on the Grand Moff released and the relieved gasps for air were not missed by anyone in the room.

"Your order has had few failures, Moff Frings," Revan reminded them both, "Three of your kin have been lost this year... I shall add two more unless you have something of worth to offer."

When the Dark Lord turned to his Apprentice, he simply nodded, "You will take command of the Grand Moff’s forces, and you will ensure a path to the Citadel. Encircle the home of the Jedi and engulf it in darkness. I will join you for the final assault."

“As you wish, my Lord,” Darth Voss nodded dutifully in response to the Dark Lord. It wasn’t ideal, having her fate tied to someone else’s troops, but at least now they would be better prepared for what might come.

"Now..." Revan gestured to the windows, then folded his arms in front of him. "Order the bombardment. The Emperor has decreed that Saleucami City be made an example."

Rising to her feet, Voss looked out of the windows and down at Saleucami for the briefest moment. Even in her role as a Sith, she found such things hard, but couldn’t let any sign of weakness show or Revan would exploit it and remove her from the equation. “Yes, Lord Revan,” she answered in a quieter tone, walking away a few steps, and looking at the Commander of the Dreadnought.

By the time she returned to Revan’s side at the large windows, the bombardment had begun. Hundreds, if not thousands of bright, green lances of weapons fire rained down upon the world below.

Revan did not stay long, his aid by the door followed him out and headed to the lift for departure. The Dark Lord had, after all, many things on his to-do list. Once he was gone, Moff Frings turned to the Sith. The ship continued to rain devastation on the planet as they talked.

"Prepare a shuttle and your best troops," Voss told the senior Military officer and then began to walk the catwalk of the bridge toward the lifts. Behind her, Saleucami’s beauty quickly became a smoking heap and Voss felt, for a moment, sympathetic. Her old life was over, however. Only serving the Empire, did she feel she belonged to a greater purpose.

Soon she was gone from the bridge with a seething aura once more. Revenge would come, in time. Just like Soresu, she could wait for the right moment.