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A New Purpose

Posted on Thu Nov 4th, 2021 @ 11:07pm by Knight Laelia Vita

Episode: Episode I: Rise of the Sith
Location: Various
Timeline: Day 4 at 0900

"If you're asking me, they did us all a huge favour" Lae heard one of the local Marshals say as she walked past the police station. It was clear her tip had reached the right authorities and they had taken the measures to both protect the victims and deal with the remains of the offenders. And they clearly didn't feel any sympathy for the latter. Thinking back she never quite intended to kill them all but admittedly she didn't feel bad when the first smuggler shot at her and turned everything that followed into legal self-defence. She could have stopped way sooner but she didn't want to. They deserved what they got and now they could no longer hurt people.

If she regretted anything it was that she now was without the primary goal in her life, then again the Jedi Order probably had their own thoughts about what had happened once she revealed it to them so perhaps she didn't even need a new goal in her life. As she walked away from the police station and towards her transport these were the thoughts that went around in her mind. It was only after arriving and receiving the message that all Jedi had, that she realized this would be a problem for another day. The Republic had been invaded and the use of the word 'Darth' in the message made it clear there were darker forces behind it all.

"Well then, it appears the Force has given us new purpose anyway" She spoke to herself as she finished reading the message. "D18 how long until we can get to the Suolriep Sector?" Lae asked as she walked towards her droid. It wasn't the most advanced one but so far it served perfectly as a messenger and assistant of sorts. And it definitely was a great pilot.

"Assuming current conditions it will take two days to arrive in the Suolriep Sector. Excluding a refueling stop of 18 hours, Knight Vita" The machine replied in its robotic voice.

"So, almost three days. Let's hope there is still a battle ongoing when we arrive. Take us there." She ordered before sitting down at a console to gather as much information as she could on the sector and those they would encounter fighting there.

Three Days Later

As the ship finally arrived in the Suolriep Sector, Lae's lightsaber hand had begun to truly itch. Over the past few days she had been training as well she could but the space and options here were limited. Additional meessages had clarified that she was to meet up with Master Iersa who seemed to command Jedi operations in the sector. Once in the system it didn't take too long for her to find the frontlines. If the Force didn't already guide her there the significant number of Republic and enemy military assets would. Landing closest as she could to the frontlines she would take her lightsaber and basic supplies with her as she made her way to the frontlines to join up with her fellow Jedi.


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