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Home from home for the Jedi, the Citadel is the headquarters of the Jedi and Republic Forces on Saleucami.

Technology Specifics

Description Known throughout the Jedi Order as the Temple of Suolriep, the Citadel has long been a training center and place of study and sanctuary for the many Jedi who pass through the vast Suolriep sector. Many a Jedi had stopped at the Citadel for training over the years, prior to the buildings conversion to a Headquarters facility during the Mandalorian Wars. Much like the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Citadel has access to the Jedi Archive, where the Jedi accumulate and store their vast knowledge and intelligence regarding the universe, and the Force. Access to the archive is through a secret Vault several levels beneath the surface of Citadel, with permission required to access the room or even get past the Temple Guards stationed there.

On the surface, the facility resembles nothing more than any other forest dwelling found across Saleucami, with one level above ground, there are at least a dozen more technologically sophisticated levels beneath the surface, with the Vault being on the final level, level 12.

On the surface level, Commanders of the Grand Army have access to the facility to help with their duties, but will always defer to the expertise of the Jedi. There are, at any one time, no less than ten Temple guards in the facility, and many other Jedi present as and when near the facility.

The facility's only protection, other than the Jedi themselves, is a shielding system that can withstand only limited planetary bombardment. There is no hangar facility at the Citadel, with smaller vessels often landing in the Forests around the facility.

Affiliation Jedi Order