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Whilst to many the Sith are considered evil, or to their fanatical followers they are considered force experts, there are actually a great many different types of Sith, as with the Jedi.

Technology Specifics


Sith Slave/Imperial

Indoctrinates and naturally skilled members of the lowest class in the Sith Empire these people are chosen to be Sith by their keen abilities and aptitude with the force. This is the largest class recruited from within the Empire.

Sith Blooded

Inheritors and descendents of those with the strongest and purest of Sith blood these recruits are usually ascribed as Sith from birth and have to do very little to earn their way into the Order.

Sith Overlord

A step above the average Lord these commanders deal in fleets and armies ordering large flotillas and platoons of soldiers into battle and organization of defenses. Their authority is measured by their influence within the Empire and their strength in the dark side of the force.

Sith Overseer

Sith who have passed their trials and either have a penchant for teaching or cannot find a master as an apprentice are selected for the overseer programs. These Sith teach the initiates and acolytes harshly guiding them to victory and success.

Sith Chosen

The chosen are a very secretive group chosen by the emperor himself to act as his agents of personal whim usually on missions of absolute carnage, subtly, or simply being bodygaurds for his multitude of visitations.

Sith Servant

Not a particularly glamorous position but it is necessary to instill the proper respect and demonstrate a level of undying loyalty and dedication to the emperor so you may serve him without him having to worry about betrayal or assassination. Should you already prove your loyalty enough as a chosen you may be deemed fit to bypass this rank entirely as it is more of an assurance.

Sith Hand

The hand is an even more secretive and selective group that acts on the absolute will of the emperor down to the letter. They are incapable of betraying him willingly and will do anything he or she says no matter how suicidial or ridiculous. Their authority is outside of the councils but they may not order council members around unless it is willed by their master.

Sith Wrath

The Emperor's Wrath is a waking monster of a man or creature that acts as the Emperor's personal bodyguard and enforcer. They are beyond the authority of the Dark Council so long as they do not contradict their own intents. The Wrath is usually left their free will making it possible to be betrayed but the Emperor usually has failsafes to instantly end them should they try.

Sith Corruptor

A specialized form of sorcerer who has an adept connection to the dark side allowing them to draw upon the deepest powers of the force, ancient and repulsive. They corrupt life itself and their very presence makes you shiver with fear and ache with pain.

Sith Dread Master

Highly educated and highly attuned Sith Lords who have mastered the phobis devices of fear and suffering and have an almost inexorable mastery of the dark side sometimes even beyond the Emperor. They are stronger when grouped together capable of taking out entire fleets, but even alone a Dread Master has the capability of dominating an entire planet.