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Whilst many across the galaxy know the Jedi simply as the guardians of peace and justice, those inside the Order train under specific specialisms as a result of their skills and abilities they are born with or develop over time.

Technology Specifics


Jedi Guardian

Guardians are Jedi who train rigorously in 2-3 lightsaber forms, focused on the protection of those they are charged to look after. Some of these rare few are selected as Temple Guards. Which was considered to be the highest honor. The majority of Guardians utilize a single lightsaber as their weapons. When not on missions, they train a lot. Either in martial combat, battle strategy, or piloting.

Jedi Sentinel

Sentinels are warriors skilled in 1-2 lightsaber forms. But what makes Sentinels a little different than the other warrior classes are the dual-wield weapon choices and their training in non-Force Users skills. They train to fight for others, but Sentinels typically live with Non-Force Users for a time, in order to understand what these people are capable of. Sentinels are Jack-of-Alls, but master very few aspects of the Jedi art. A sentinel also spends most of their padawanship learning to adapt to many types of situations with and without the aid of the Force. Some sentinels are more Force-focused, while others are more skill-focused. They are a diverse group of Jedi with a diverse range of skillsets.

Jedi Watchman

Watchmen are specialized Jack-Of-All trades Jedi within The Jedi Order. They act as spies on hostile worlds the Jedi Order needs an observing presence on. Thus the Watchman has some skills in Force stealth. They are, however, observers in situations where interference in other cultures is frowned upon. But if ever a Force Sensitive child is identified in their assigned sector, Watchmen do all they can to get the child to a Jedi Temple or Enclave. These warriors are not as skilled in melee combat as the Guardian or Sentinel, but their connections in the Force and the spy trade skillsets and Force Powers they learn to succeed are what makes them formidable.

Jedi Shadow

For those Force Users that walk the middle ground of Shadows, many become spies. Mostly, observers, these warriors utilize a combination of Force attacks and martial skills to fight their foes. The Shadow Spy is trained in stealth, evasion, and interrogation. They fight for the Will of the Force and keeping the galaxy balanced. Thus a Spy will only engage in combat if the outcome meets their mission statement.

Jedi Lore Master

Lore Masters (aka Historians) are keepers of long lost knowledge. Most are shared, others are kept out of view of those too young, or too ill-prepared. Most Lore Masters have a gift of languages, are skilled at archeological digs, and schooled greatly in various Force Rituals and curses and how to break them. Due to this unique skillset, it is not uncommon a Lore Master seeks education beyond their temples, to learn real excavating skillsets as well as master specific eras of history important to the dig sites in question. As such, their combat training is greatly diminished, but without these learned Force Users, no Order could have access to stories of legend and parables useful in many lessons a Master wishes to teach to their student.

Jedi Consular

Consulars were once utilized across the galaxy as specialized diplomats who, if things went sideways, they could rely on their Force skills to get out of sticky situations. Many study history that pertains to whatever situation they're assigned to mediate. Often, this entices many consulars to learn many languages and focus on powers and skills that aid in empathy and influence over another's mind. Consulars spend much of their early apprenticeship leaning politics, diplomatic protocol, and mastering observation, communication, and listening skills. Thus, lightsaber combat is a minor focus for these Force Users who aren't trained for peacekeeping, but rather peacemaking.

Jedi Healer

It is exceptionally rare to find a Healer who divides their focus on healing others and lightsaber combat. The best healers of any given Force Order, dedicate themselves to healing others. Their training is a mix of Force Healing techniques, and medical techniques. Maybe not to the level of a doctor, but the Healer knows enough about the mind and body to treat most types of injuries if their Force healing abilities don't quite help. During the days of the Republic, if a youngling displayed signs of Healing ability, they were quickly swept-up and admitted to the Jedi Medical Corps, and later given an apprenticeship, if their Healing skills showed great promise. It is rare to find Healers, even in the Jedi Order. But when once is found, they train in almost nothing but that.

Jedi Sage

Sages are skilled primarily in Force Power-related combat. Sages posses fair lightsaber skills, but ultimately they are trained very early on in their apprenticeship how to conserve their power and when to properly use it. Most Sages spend the majority of their Force Training learning offensive skills, making their telekinesis more finite, and learning how to be creative in the way they use their power.

Jedi Force Tech

Force Techs are Force Users who are able to command/disable technology with The Force. Advanced holocrons, Force weapons, and other rare technologies invented by Force Users are imbued and improved often from an exceptionally skilled Force Tech. Unlike the Sage or Healer, however, most Force Tech students can split almost-evenly their time on Force Skills and lightsaber combat. More so if the Force Tech in question has a natural affinity with understanding machines and other forms of technology.