The Original Trilogy

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The Original Trilogy of SW:HOTOR chronicles the initial months of the Jedi Civil War. Following the betrayal of their Jedi brethren turned Dark Lord, the Jedi watch in horror as the newly formed Sith Empire of DARTH REVAN invades the Republic. Advancing as far as the Inner Rim before any resistance is effective, the battle lines are finally drawn on Saleucami, a politically powerful and strategically important world which the Sith are determined to claim and the Jedi are determined to hold.

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Included Episodes

Episode I: Rise of the Sith

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With one great conflict behind them, the people of the Galactic Republic are enjoying a short-lived peace. War is soon upon the galaxy once again when two former Jedi leave the Outer Rim territories and begin an invasion of the Republic, hell bent on destroying their former friends of the Order…