Force Power

In researching what has been missing in most failed SW sims, we wish to allow players to have multiple character options to choose from. In doing so, this means by a majority, we expect Jedi and Sith be the popular choices.

In essence, we have a sim where all (or most) characters will be Force users, and thus, will be extremely powerful. To ensure a balance, players will only be able to select a small number of Force powers/abilities, with rare and powerful Force abilities granted by the GM team.

There also needs to be a few ground rules for using the Force during Force PC-On-Force PC interaction - as well as most situations against NPC Force User Enemies going forward. These rules are:

* Players will never use Force Lightning or Sith Alchemy (unless for special stories with GM Approval).
* Those characters with strong Force Telepathy, need to ask the other player’s involved, beforehand, in reading their character(s)' mind.
* Saber fights between characters should be talked in length to work out kinks. Guidance can be sought from the GM team.

The Force settings and story does not mean characters are invincible. Force User characters, on this Sim, will be expected to take huge losses on occasion. Losses encourage character growth. So all players should consider injuring their characters here and there for believability.

If you are unsure about any aspects of these rules, please speak with the GM team.

Force Power Specifics

For the purposes of character development, every Force user starts as Jedi Knight/Sith Apprentice or below. Some exceptions will be made for those with exceptional biographies and who have discussed their ideas with a GM beforehand

In an effort to ensure balance between characters and game play, it has been decided that the amount of Force Powers a character can have will be limited.

The types of Force Powers are:

[CORE] powers are basic, essential powers that all Force users will have some degree of understanding about.
[PASSIVE] powers require learning, but they are not exceptionally powerful or dangerous.
[ADVANCED] powers are considered to be more difficult for a character to learn, and even more so to master.
[RARE] powers are exactly that, rare. Very few will possess these difficult to master powers.

Key to the Force Powers system is the fact that each character gets 5 Force Power slots, which they can utilise as to their preference. Characters do not have to utilise all 5 slots from the beginning. It is worth considering your character's specialism when choosing Force Powers.

[PASSIVE] and [CORE] powers are free and unlimited - they do not count towards the 5 slots a character may have.

Any power identified as [ADVANCED] or [RARE] will need GM Approval and will count as part of your 5 slots. Each [ADVANCED] power takes one slot, whilst [RARE] powers take up two slots.