Character Powers

[PASSIVE] Absorption [PASSIVE] Absorption
There are two tiers of Absorption. Most Force Users will never come close to the mastery version. However, the first tier is simply a Force technique where a Force User is able to use a conductive energy-based weapon (usually a lightsaber) to absorb electrical obstacles into the blade. In some instances, this can recharge a weapon's low power cell.

Great concentration is needed, as well as a strongly-built weapon. If done wrong, the Force User could overload their weapon by overcharging their weapon's power source and very likely die. This skill is used mostly by warrior-type Force Users.
[PASSIVE] Animal Empathy [PASSIVE] Animal Empathy
This Force power allows the Force User to be able to calm and subdue most forms of wildlife by establishing a connection to them.
[PASSIVE] Battle Precognition [PASSIVE] Battle Precognition
A variant of Precognition that allows one to sense and foretell the flows of the Force while engaged in battle. A danger sense, if you will, where Force Users receive warnings of life-threatening possibilities headed right at them.
[PASSIVE] Breath Control [PASSIVE] Breath Control
This Force power allows a Force User to slow down their metabolism while also slowing their breathing. Thus, the Force User is immune to common poisons while utilizing this ability.
[CORE] Core Force Abilities [CORE] Core Force Abilities
Push/Pull (Basic Telekenissis), Force Speed, and Force Jump are the core abilities all adept Force Users are expected to have general mastery of, before being Kights or any other title of equal status.

There have been exceptions made in the past to Force Users not being able to perform a specific Core ability. However, if a Force User hasn’t shown promise in other areas of Force training, they cannot reach Knighthood.
[RARE] Cloak Bubble [RARE] Cloak Bubble
This is another rare power within the Jedi Order, used by Jedi Watchmen. It is also commonly used by Shadows and Sith. This is an advanced Force technique that works by the Force User bending light and dampening sound around them and several other people surrounding the user.

The effect is thus a group-intended form of Force invisibility in The Force. Both technology and the naked eye cannot see the group as long as this power is active.
[PASSIVE] Force Awareness [PASSIVE] Force Awareness
At some point in a Force User’s early training, learning to focus on the world around them, through the Force, allows a Force User to see, hear, and feel glimpses of life going on around them. To feel things the sentient’s natural senses would normally not be able to notice.

As this training starts to become a natural function of a Force User’s life, Force Awareness itself can help unlock other Sense-related Force Powers.
[PASSIVE] Force Bond [PASSIVE] Force Bond
Force Bonds are connections forged between Force-sensitive people. Most of the time, the bonds form because of friendship, lineage relations, or some other form of kinship. Sometimes, The Force simply wills people to bond telepathically together without explanation.

The stronger the forged connection, the greater the distance a bond can share visual, telepathic, and emotional information telepathically.
[PASSIVE] Force Bubble [PASSIVE] Force Bubble
This Force power creates a temporary invisible shield around the Force User that keeps out most projectiles for about 10 seconds.

Those who use this ability know not to depend on it for complete protection. Telekinesis may need to be used in conjunction with Force Bubble, to keep more powerful objects from penetrating the bubble.
[ADVANCED] Force Choke [ADVANCED] Force Choke
Mostly used by Dark Jedi/Sith, this Force Technique causes your target to choke themselves. Often, the Force user will also levitate the target in the air as they perform this technique. Those Force Users with uncontrollable rage can sometimes lose focus and access Force Crush, collapsing the target’s windpipe until death.

Jedi will only be granted this power for plot use on occasion and after discussion with GMs.
[ADVANCED] Force Cleanse [ADVANCED] Force Cleanse
When typical healing methods do not work, a more specialized form of Force Heal is used to pry mostly Sith Alchemy-related ailments from the body. Even then, the Force Healer may not be too successful if they do not know the type of ritual that was used on the patient.
A rare power within the Jedi Order, used by Jedi Watchmen. Commonly used by Shadows and Sith. This power works by the Force User bending light and dampening sound around them, thus making them invisible in The Force, and to the naked eye.
[ADVANCED] Force Crush [ADVANCED] Force Crush
This Force ability uses Force Push/Pull together, causing the object (or opponent) internal damage. Due to the rigid nature of a Jedi’s training, on rare occasions, a Jedi may lose their control and enter a raw rage. Mixed with Force Push/Pull on a live target, the emotional combined Force techniques can result in death/injury of said target.

Practiced Force Users in this skill, can use a highly focused amount of rage to control just how much or little damage they wish to inflict. Often, this results in a useful yet questionable interrogation tactic.

Jedi will be granted this power on a case by case basis for plot development and after discussion with GMs.
[ADVANCED] Force Empathy [ADVANCED] Force Empathy
The uses of this skill can be profoundly vast with the Force User. Healers, however, use this Force power to better relate to their patients or to get a general idea of someone's guarded emotions, so the Healer can try and formulate how best to treat someone's emotional turmoil.

Non-Healers typically use this ability to interrogate suspects. Empathize, and then gradually breakdown emotional barriers through long interrogation sessions, just to weaken a strong-minded individual. Thus opening the door for Jedi Mind Tricks.

Counselors utilize this skill by a similar means to interrogators. Long, drawn-out negotiations are quickly shortened if a Jedi Counselor is present and has mastered this Force power. All a Counselor needs to do is influence the conversation by using this Force power to lead a conversation wherever they please, provided the people they are in the room with, are not too strong-of-mind.
[ADVANCED] Force Heal [ADVANCED] Force Heal
This ability, at its base form, can accelerate the healing process of wounds. Combined with meditation and years of study, a Master Force Healer can use this Force Power to assess injuries and cure most failing organs.

However, the more complex and severe an injury, the more taxing it is on the Force User. This is why Force Healers work in groups or pace themselves through several healing sessions if they are the only healer around.
[RARE] Force Illusion [RARE] Force Illusion
Force Illusion is a technique that Force Users cause even the strongest of minds to believe what they're seeing. Some could argue that Force Illusions is it's own subset of Force skill, as both Jedi and Sith once had specialized masters called Force Illusionists.

Illusions derive from searching into someone else's thoughts. Then, the practitioner can place real-life visions into the brain (or brains) of the people they seek to fool. Often the Jedi Knight Trials utilized Force Illusions for short-term, teaching purposes, but other short-term applications could be planting false noises and smells to enforce a Mind Trick. The sky is the limit.

To be a skilled Illusionists, a Force User had to of mastered Force Persuasion as mind-tricking is the foundation of performing successful illusions.

One would not need to worry about stealth at all and could hide-in-plain sight as a fully-mastered Illusionist. Performing long-term illusions, making crowds think you are a completely different person? That is the mark of a great Illusionist. And understanding Force Illusions to this extent is what makes good Sages and Lore Masters.
[CORE] Force Persuasion [CORE] Force Persuasion
Also known as a "Jedi Mind Trick," this Force Ability is commonly used by most Force Users when trying to get out of tough situations without using violence. Targets have to be weak-minded for this trick to work.

Practiced negotiators or interrogators, however, can use this ability in tandem with Force Empathy, once a strong-willed person's mind has been weakened after long hours of frustration, impatience, and conversation.
[ADVANCED] Force Repulse [ADVANCED] Force Repulse
This greater version of Force Push creates a massive three-sixty, 15-25ft radius kinetic shockwave. The Force power is capable of knocking foes off their feet and can sometimes injure or kill them based on the environment in which this ability is used.
[ADVANCED] Force Sight [ADVANCED] Force Sight
This Force Power enables the Force User to see through The Force if blinded. Some races of the galaxy naturally do this, however, most Force Users who wish to have an edge in battle, learn this skill. And with some masters, it is a requirement their students learn to master this power.

Most practitioners of this power describe using it as seeing with a blurry lens. Many Lore Masters suspect Force Sight is but an advanced form of Force Awareness. Though, while not fully accurate to one with perfect vision, this power, nevertheless, allows one recently blinded to see well enough in The Force to perform most tasks.
[ADVANCED] Force Telepathy [ADVANCED] Force Telepathy
Force Telepathy is a Force technique where Force users don't just feel the emotions of people, but they can read the thoughts of most weak-minded individuals.

The Jedi Council has established conditions in which reading the thoughts of others without the permission of the target, is allowed - interrogations for sanctioned investigations. While a Jedi can easily bask in the thoughts of others, it is considered a violation of personal boundaries.

There are a few circumstances in which reading others' thoughts is hard to block out - Force Bonds being the main culprit. In the end, reading another's thoughts is used as a last resort.
[ADVANCED] Force Trance [ADVANCED] Force Trance
When Force Users have reached a point in their training where they can regulate their breath and slow their mind without any problems, they begin to attempt Force Trance - a technique that will place a Force User into a comatose-like slumber. While in this state, natural poisons cannot harm them. Injuries can also begin a minor healing process.

Healers and experienced Force Users of this technique and help novices enter this state. However, for major injuries and critical injuries, Healers will have to cure them if the Force User is too weak to come out of the Force Trance.
[ADVANCED] Healer's Sight [ADVANCED] Healer's Sight
Those gifted as a Force Healer have the ability to use the Force to see into the bodies of their patients without using scanning technology or surgically opening them up. With this technique, they can see internal injuries easily to help them diagnose and treat their patients. Those of ultimate mastery over this technique are also able to see on a microscopic level, the genetic compositions of diseases and poisons.

With only a handful of lessons on this technique, Force Healers can see inside the body with ease. However, it is through an equal study of the Force, and medical practices and procedures, that mastered Force Healers are able to understand the causes of the injuries and illnesses their patients may have.
[PASSIVE] Interpret Language [PASSIVE] Interpret Language
When there is no droid or expert linguist to translate, Interpret Language is a Force Power that allows the Scholar to listen carefully and understand fully what the speaker(s) in front of them are saying.

This power does not make the Force User fluent in the alien language. All that this Force power grants are a temporary understanding to the verbal language and a bridge between all parties. It does not translate written language either.
[ADVANCED] Kinetic Shield [ADVANCED] Kinetic Shield
Force Users of great skill, utilize this Force Power to create a telekinetic barrier around the wielder, or a group of people. Rocks, crates, and just about anything else a Force User to manipulate with telekinesis can become part of this protective barrier.

Learning this skill, however, is not easy. It requires a strong Force Connection the likes of Healers and Sages possess, as well as extremely high levels of concentration in order to manipulate the shield into a wall-like barrier, or a barrier that protects around the person/group.
[RARE] The Force's Will [RARE] The Force's Will
The Force's Will is a multi-faceted, complex Force Power to explain. At its core, if a Force User surrenders their body and soul to The Force, they submit themselves as a living vessel to The Force's Will. In minor cases, the vessel is drained for weeks or months. In major cases, the vessel is literally sacrificed to The Force and succumbs to death due to overly excessive amounts of Force energy breaking down their body.

This is not-so-much an ability you train to perfect, but rather, a state of being and the ultimate testament of faith with all aspects of The Force. A last-resort when all hope is lost. But The Force decides what's meant to happen to the vessel in that dire moment - not the Force User in question. Results can vary from situation to situation and can sometimes yield a heavy price to the one who calls upon this ability.

For most, Non-Sith Force Warriors will yield themselves to The Force's Will to aid them in battle. To perform the moves for them at greater strength and speed than before. For Sages, the Force uses them as the ultimate telekinetic warrior - tossing stones, crates - anything around them without tiring. Healers can cure people, in this state of even the more harshest of illnesses and injuries.

However, because The Force's Will enters the Force User's body and soul, the Force User has no control while this powerful entity is temporarily inside them. It is The Force at work. And The Force cares only for Balance and Peace. When invoking this Force Power, the Force User knows their life could easily be the price to pay to see their problem fixed/handled.
[PASSIVE] Nature's Renewal [PASSIVE] Nature's Renewal
Members of the Jedi Order's Agricultural Corps were renowned for their meditative Force techniques designed to heal damaged lands and accelerate plant growth. Similar to Force Heal, Natural's Renewal asked the practitioner to give part of their life-force to aid in the land's rebirth.
[PASSIVE] Precognition [PASSIVE] Precognition
This Force power allows the Force User to see glimpses of the future. Sometimes the power manifests itself on its own, as warnings, other times, with deep meditation, a Force User can see possible futures. The latter, key in identifying prophecies.

Lore Masters and other seers often relay their visions to their superiors for help in interpretation, when a record of prophecy needs to be made. And, from time to time, they help others with minor visions, interpret them.
[ADVANCED] Rapid Burst [ADVANCED] Rapid Burst
With this Force power, a Force User can generate two high-impact rapid-fire bursts of kinetic energy at a single target. The force of the blasts can often inflict major injury or even bust through most types of mid-width doors/walls.
[ADVANCED] Sheltered Sprint [ADVANCED] Sheltered Sprint
Sentinals and Watchmen of the Jedi Order once learned this ability to quickly get out of danger. In times of need, this Force technique could allow up to 30 seconds of a masked Force presence, while Force sprinting.

This stealth ability is similar to Speed Rush and utilizes a lesser form of Force Cloak. As such, it is used as a last-resort.
[ADVANCED] Sonic Blast [ADVANCED] Sonic Blast
This Force power is a frontal, concussive conal-shaped sonic blast that Force Users utilize to knockdown multiple opponents. Targets are often stunned or deafened temporarily. The sonic blast can reach out up to 20 feet, and a width of 20 feet.
[ADVANCED] Speed Rush [ADVANCED] Speed Rush
This enhanced version of Force Speed allows a Force User to use their adrenalin to further boost their Force Speed up to 10 times its normal potency. This supercharged burst of speed can last up to twenty seconds, with enough training and Force Power.

The most common side effect of using this Force Power is extreme physical fatigue.
[ADVANCED-SITH] Stealth Stride [ADVANCED-SITH] Stealth Stride
This Force technique combines Force Cloak and Force Run, bending the environment around the Force User for an extremely fast and stealthy attack.
While any Force User can learn this skill, generally Force Techs with a strong knowledge of technology are prone to acquire this unique form of Force Sight. Through The Force, the Force User can follow the eddies and currents of the Force that pass through structures and technology to see where the right spots are to control/influence/repair things the naked eye cannot see.
[ADVANCED] Tech Shunt [ADVANCED] Tech Shunt
This ability allows the Force Tech to cut the power flow inside droids and other technology, thus disabling and shutting them down.
[ADVANCED] Tech Override [ADVANCED] Tech Override
This Force technique allows the user to control and manipulate the mechanical components inside and outside technology. Many Force Users learn this skill to unlock doors, control droids, and other forms of physical manipulation via telekinetic means.
[RARE] Astral Projection [RARE] Astral Projection
This advanced form of Force illusion creates a solid-like doppelgänger of themselves that could be transmitted through the Force across vast distances. Conversations and even battles can be played out by the practitioner.

However, Astral Projections cost so much Force-use and demand so much physical and mental discipline, that most Astral Projectors limit their star-crossing conversations at around 20 minutes.

Extreme uses of this Force technique can cause headaches, vomiting, and death. Using astral projections to duel someone, as well, carries the possibility of mental instability and brain death - should they lose a fight.
[RARE] Battle Meditation [RARE] Battle Meditation
This Force power yields the ability to use the Force to coordinate allies and even entire fleets of ships, allowing them to perform at maximum efficiency, acting as a single entity with the ability to counter every enemy move quickly and effectively. It is a rare gift to be born with and perform innately.

Those seeking to learn this skill, it requires an extremely large amount of discipline under pressure, and mastery/control over their mind. For many people, years of rigorous meditation and high mental awareness is the best pathway to learning this skill.
[RARE] Crucitorn [RARE] Crucitorn
This Force Power was enacted through transcending a target’s pain beyond normal thresholds or decreasing the target’s mental perception of their pain. Mental manipulation of a target’s pain is the main method. But some Force Users will use a second technique to amplify or reduce a target’s pain, which uses The Force to manipulate the injury/wound itself.
[RARE] Madness Shield [RARE] Madness Shield
This rare Force Power was obtained from special ancient holocrons of past Jedi Masters of the Jedi Order - called Noeticons - possibly dating more than a thousand years or more before the rise of The Prodical Knight (Revan). The technique itself was used to block insanity-related illnesses from Sith Alchemy-induced dark rituals/plagues.

In doing so, the patient was temporarily cured of the madness, but the Healer was physically weakened in the process. Until the source of the Sith Alchemy plagues could be eradicated, the more people a Healer temporarily cured with this technique, the weaker a Healer became.
[RARE] Master Absorption [RARE] Master Absorption
This higher tier of Absorption allows the Force User to absorb electrical current using their body, rather than a weapon. They do not take too much damage from electrical blasts, so long as the Force User can redirect and expel that energy elsewhere.
[RARE-SITH] Electric Judgement [RARE-SITH] Electric Judgement
This is an extremely rare ability that no matter the level of skill, only two in the History of The Force has. This is a form of Force Lighting where ionized particles in the air are charged up with large amounts of positive Force Energy.

This ability can drain the Force User severely, even for Master Force Users. To be able to form even small sparks of this form of Lightning, the Force User’s mind and soul must be in balance.
[RARE] Flashburn [RARE] Flashburn
The intended use of this Force technique is to shutdown memory-effecting areas of the mind in reaction to powerful, emotional trauma. On rare occasions, a Force User could inflict this Force Technique on themselves, rendering themselves unable to remember details about the event at the center of the trauma.

However, Healers and members of the Jedi Council have, in the past, also used Flashburn to reprogram former Dark Siders and reform them - like Darth Revan. Regardless of the reason to perform such a technique on another person, the idea is to create a strong mental barrier around traumatic memories for someone who might otherwise be incapable of recovering from the said traumatic event.
[ADVANCED] Force Body [ADVANCED] Force Body
This ability allows the Force User to convert their own life force into an extra source of Force Power. However, overexertion of this particular Force Power can break down the body, making it frail and brittle. If improperly used, the Force User could eventually die.
[ADVANCED] Shatterpoint [ADVANCED] Shatterpoint
This rare Force power allows the Force User to see fissures or weak points in opponents, objects, and events. One could shatter unbreakable glass, but finding its most vulnerable weak spots.
[RARE] Force EMP [RARE] Force EMP
This is a variation of Force Repulse, where Force Techs, instead of sending out a shockwave of kinetic energy, send out a twenty-foot diameter electromagnetic pulse. This ability shares some roots with Electric Judgement and Force Storm. However, the electrified particles the Force Tech generates, are simultaneously magnetized. Thus in many ways, safe for organics.

The EMP shockwave will knock lifeforms back, but to technology, it will shut them down in mass, and could possibly demolish the technology. The latter result depends largely on how well the technology can shield itself from the EMP shockwave.
[ADVANCED] Psychometry [ADVANCED] Psychometry
This rare Force Power is one that cannot be trained. A Force User is simply born with this ability. At its core, Psychometry is a passive Force Power that can tell the Force User all sorts of events and information that the item touched, was privy to.
[RARE] Phase [RARE] Phase
The ability to pass through solid objects by distorting the environment around the Force User’s body just long enough to allow them to cross through the object.

This is a skill that, while not prohibited to learn for a Jedi, is discouraged due to how easy it is for a Force User to lose focus and get stuck inside solid objects. Learning this skill, as a result, requires the oversight of a master instructor.
[ADVANCED] Saber Throw [ADVANCED] Saber Throw
This ability can be used by any other weapon a Force User has. In essence, this Force power is a highly specialized and finite combination of Force Push/Pull telekinesis. The Force User is able to bend and command the gravitational forces around a tossed-weapon, creating a boomerang effect.

To toss and retrieve in such a way requires someone of a Knight’s level (or equivalent). While not exactly a rare power, it is extremely difficult to learn and master.
[RARE] Sever Force [RARE] Sever Force
In what was once the Master's vaults within the Jedi Archives, were said to be Forbidden Knowledge to most of the Order. On the rarest of occasions, the Jedi High Council would open this vault for them or their assigned Shadow agents to learn this ability. Then they would seek out and hunt down rogue Jedi or Dark Side users of untold terror.

Severing Force connections was done with bright-white streams of light that invaded the target's body. The idea was to completely remove the Force from the target they caught/captured with this painful, purifying light. Sith have used this power as well, but rarely (for reasons unknown).

Only one person has ever been recorded to inflict this punishment upon themselves, only to eventually regain their Force connection. This is, of course, The Exile - one of Darth Revan's former generals.