Knight Azsari

Name Azsari

Position Jedi Knight

Rank Knight


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Vital Statistics

Gender Female
Species Chiss
Age 25
Allegiance jedi
Specialism jedish


Weapons Twin purple shotos (lightdaggers)
Equipment Data pad
Holographic communicator
Underwater Breathing Apparatus
Slicer Kit
Utility belt
Black leather effect jacket and boots
Black shawls and gowns, depending on occasion

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7 (170cm)
Weight 135lbs (61kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Glowing Red
Physical Description Azsari strikes a lithe and slender profile with willowy agility in her every move. In her shawls and gowns, she is almost ghost-like, although she’s unafraid to don more comfortable attire should the mission call for it, at which point her lean, spry frame is plain to see. Her bright red eyes stand out from her azure skin and raven black hair, but it’s the lilt of her dusky and demure voice that is the most unforgettable.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Azsari is an enigma even for a Jedi. As someone who is at home among the literal and metaphorical shadows, she is used to blending in. Such a life has given her a superficial facade of being stoic yet passionate, chaste yet wanton, serene yet volatile. Congenial to orders yet slow to trust, there are few people who can say they’ve seen the real Azsari.
As an orphan before she was found by the Jedi and inducted into the Youngling training program at nearly too old of an age, Azsari had demonstrated an aptitude for slicing and sneaking that would have indubitably sent her into a life of crime. This shadow of her youngest years has influenced the specialism of her service to the Jedi Council. Despite her affinity for the shadows, Azsari is not above a good tease.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Stealthy
+Tech proficient

- Mistrustful
- Cagey
- Willful
Hobbies & Interests Azsari is an art enthusiast in many diverse mediums. She also enjoys games of strategy against worthy opponents.

Learned Skills

Lightsaber Forms Azsari began to study the basics of Asatru during her Youngling training, although she did not become proficient until her apprenticeship under Onofron. The aggressive, lightning-quick style allows her to leverage her nubile form to great effect should she ever have to resort to violence.

Her Master also taught her the defensive form of Shien to supplement her otherwise aggressive combat style in hopes of helping her channel her otherwise uncanny ability to disappear as a defensive measure. It also allowed her better blaster defense with the use of her twin shotos than Asatru would allow.
Force Powers Core Force Abilities
Force Persuasion
Breath Control
Force Awareness
Force Bubble
Interpret Language

Skills Being Learned

Skills Approved by Jedi Council/Dark Council Psychometry
Sheltered Sprint
Tech Override
Force Cloak

Personal History

History Prior to the Jedi Civil War (Pre-3960BBY) Born in 3985BBY, Azsari was the daughter of diplomats of the Chiss Ascendancy who perished two years later after a space battle at the hands of Mandalorians raiders. As such, they were early victims of the raids that would ultimately become known as the Mandalorian Wars once the conflict reached Republic space decades later.

Rather than be inducted into the Republic’s system for refugees, Azsari repeatedly tried to run away back home. Her technical aptitude outweighed her astronomical knowledge, resulting in being left to her own devices once her grace period wore out.

Azsari lived as an orphan on the streets of Coruscant until she was 12 years old. One day in 3973, she pickpocketed the wrong person, though. Rather than have her arrested the Jedi Knight Onofron identified the Force potential within her and gained approval to bring her to the Temple.

As one of the oldest Younglings in the program, Azsari struggled with blind obedience, but eventually came to master the basic forms of core Jedi training even if she struggled with the tenets of the religion. The Asatru style appealed to her due to its swift, aggressive strikes, and she practiced with it in addition to her penchant for hiding, sneaking, and toying with the Youngling teachers. This unfortunately led to difficulties in her becoming a padawan, as she was viewed as difficult.

In 2368, at age 17, she was apprenticed to the very Jedi who had first discovered her. Onofron was an Umbarian who understood and appreciated the penchant for hugging the shadows and towing the line in respect to the Living Force and the opportunities it brings. He began training her in the defensive art of Shien to supplement her overly aggressive lightsaber style, but his mentorship went beyond combat.

Although the Jedi were called to resist the Dark Side of the Force, Onofron understood that distinction to exist primarily within the mind and soul of the individual rather than in the objective material world. His teachings that one’s motives and intentions were of greater import than specific actions, as good could do evil and vice versa, greatly shaped Azsari’s perspective.

When the Revanchist Jedi joined the Republic military, Azsari begged Onofron to recommend her for an early attempt at the Padawan Trials. Despite his misgivings, he knew that his padawan would follow Revan’s faction with or without his permission, and so he called for her to be tested for knighthood after only 4 years of apprenticeship.

Azsari succeeded on her first attempt, using subtlety and borderline treachery to succeed. Granted the rank of Knight at the age of 21, with perhaps the shortest training of any Jedi in recent history, Azsari committed herself and her shadowy skill set to the war effort.

Victory was declared after the Battle of Malachor V four years later, although Azsari would not know it until a month after when she returned from a scouting mission into the heart of Mandalorian territory. With the Mandalorians stripped of their basilisks and armor by Revan, there seemed nothing left to do but return back to the Council she had rebelled against with an unsung status from her service to the war.

Little did Azsari know that her subterfuge was only beginning...