Lieutenant Caronina Saylhys

Name Caronina Saylhys

Position Officer in the Imperial Armed Forces

Second Position Officer in the Imperial Armed Forces

Rank Lieutenant

Last Post

Vital Statistics

Gender Female
Species Human (Dromund Kaas)
Age 25
Allegiance sith


Weapons TH-17 Blaster Rifle
Equipment Imperial Trooper Armour
Imperial Trooper Comm Link

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 70jg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Caronina Saylhys is a human female who stands at 6ft tall and has a medium build and is rarely seen outside of her Imperial Army armour.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Caronina Saylhys is a die hard loyalist to the Empire she was born on Dromund Kaas into a Military Family with her father a Colonel in the Army and her mother was a trained Doctor.

Caronina Saylhys was raised to view humans and pure-blooded Sith as racially superior and to view and treat all aliens as inferior and fit for a single purpose indentured servitude at best enslavement at worst, she thus has no time for the Republic which uses inferior aliens as soldiers.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyal & Obedient to the Empire
+ Headstrong & willing to do whatever it takes to succeed
+ Quite Intelligent

- Headstrong & willing to do whatever it takes to succeed
- Anti-Alien sentiments
- Loyal & Obedient to the Empire
Ambitions Caronina Saylhys main ambition is to serve the Empire to the best of her abilities and prove herself just as if not more capable than her father who reached the rank of General before his forced retirement.

Caronina Saylhys secondary ambition is to marry someone of wealth and have as large a family as possible, and if possible have a child who goes onto become Sith.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:

Physical fitness


Studying Imperial History

Learned Skills

Skills Being Learned

Personal History

History Prior to the Jedi Civil War (Pre-3960BBY) Caronina Saylhys was born on Dromund Kaas in the year 3985BBY into an affluent family, her father served in the Imperial Army and her mother was a Doctor, she had three older brothers one of whom was Force Sensitive and was sent to the Sith Academy on Korriban but perished during his studies.

Caronina Saylhys like her siblings was raised by slaves all of whom were aliens, condemned since birth to live and die slaves as they were considered inferior within the Empire. At the age of 8 Caronina Saylhys was taken by her father to the slave pens of Dromund Kaas to acquire her own slave who would serve her and her alone as she wished, she broke the family tradition of owning aliens when she chose a human girl about her own age, for her personal servant.

In 3967BBY Caronina Saylhys began attending the Imperial Military Academy like her father and two of her older brothers, it was soon apparent she was an accomplished leader and quite intelligent. She graduated at the top of her class In 3963BBY,

Ensign Caronina Saylhys was assigned to the Imperial garrison on Ziost in 3963BBY attached to the staff of the Commander of Imperial forces on Ziost which was an Imperial World but had a strong garrison assigned to it to prevent trouble.
Jedi Civil War History (3960BBY) In 3960BBY Lieutenant Caronina Saylhys was reassigned to the ongoing efforts on Saleucami assigned to a front line unit, and was assigned command of the reconnaissance platoon.