Knight Laelia Vita

Name Laelia "Lae" Vita

Position Jedi Knight

Rank Knight


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Vital Statistics

Gender Female
Species Umbaran
Age 29
Allegiance jedi


Weapons Single-bladed blue lightsaber with a smooth metal hilt covered in durable leather.

Physical Appearance

Height 169cm
Weight 49kg
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Laelia (or Lae to her friends) has a slim and athletic build. While not the tallest or bulkiest Jedi to ever exist she makes up for it in excellent balance and using her weaknesses to her advantage. On her upper left leg she has a scar from an attempted assassination in her early childhood while on her stomach she has a scar obtained while held in slavery. She can usually be found wearing dark blue robes that cover her legs and most of her arms, however when the situation demands it she will shift to a more maneuverable dark blue robe and shorts that provides all the mobility needed in combat.

Owing to the conditions on their homeplanet, Umbarans have developed a very pale skin. Lae is no stranger to this and despite not having been to her homeworld for twenty years still has the telltale skin colour. She will usually wear darker make-up to both intimidate her rivals and to deter others from engaging in frivolous conversation.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Laelia is a closed and reserved person, owing to her early childhood and her time spent enslaved has made her hesitant to trust most people. Only through the efforts of the Jedi Master that initially found her did she even open up enough to join the Jedi Order where she could develop her incredible Force potential.

Despite being closed she is very loyal to those that have made it into her inner circle. Valuing friendship and proven loyalty above most things she will do anything that she can for her friends.

Her loyalty is tempered only by her sense of right and wrong. Lae has very strong convictions, and ones that may not always align with the Jedi Code or the position generally taken by the Jedi Order. Examples include her difficulty witnessing injustice while remaining uninvolved or failing to help the billions of people suffering throughout the Republic.

Learned Skills

Lightsaber Forms WiP
Force Powers WiP

Skills Being Learned

Skills Approved by Jedi Council/Dark Council WiP

Personal History

History Prior to the Jedi Civil War (Pre-3960BBY) Born into one of the higher castes of Umbaran society, in many ways the first few years of Laelia's life were ones of royalty. As the eldest daughter of a high ranking administrator within the Palace and a Senator, Lae would inevitably inherit the family estate and likely advance to an ever higher caste through marriage. Umbaran society however was never as it seemed, and the higher you made it the more people were gunning to take you down. She was only three years old when the first assassination attempt, by a maid on instructions of a rival politician, left her heavily wounded and struggling to survive. As those who her parents served fell in disfavour with the highest orders so too would the standing of her family suffer. Their rivals, seeing an opening, finally dealt a fatal blow to the power of the Vita family. Surviving only by her proto-Force powers Lae managed to see the future and got her and her sister to a close family friend in time. As she was too late to warn the rest of her family her parents, her brother and her youngest sister were all brutally slaughtered. From one moment to another her comfortable life was over. Knowing that staying on the planet would only be a delayed death sentence, transport was arranged for Lae and her surviving sister (Livia) to Alderaan where friends of their mother could take them in and care for them.

Fate however would deal the two sisters another curveball however as the transport they were on was attacked by pirates. After pillaging the ship of its valuables, abducting those they could sell and killing those they couldn't they would destroy the ship and take the prisoners to be sold on Brentaal IV. Seeing the potential in a 9 year old and a 7 year old to con rich men out of money and steal without catching the eye of law enforcement, a local syndicate soon bought them and put them to work begging for money and pickpocketting whoever seemed to have much loose coin on them. Quotas were strictly enforced and whenever Lae or Liv did not bring in enough they would be either beaten or denied food that day. As the years went by and the girls were deemed old enough, the syndicate put them to even more gruesome work. Getting both addicted to drugs to make the experience bearable they would in many ways live the life of a zombie. Too drugged to even care about their victimization, this was going to be their life for however long they could make it. And based on many of the other women who worked there, they were on borrowed time already.

A few months after her 19th birthday, it seemed a lucky break had finally arrived. While the drugs had suppressed many of the developing Force powers, she was still sensitive enough to it that when a Jedi Master came by he would instantly sense her presence. After compelling his way into the "residence" of the brothel he managed to get enough from even the drugged out Lae to know she had great potential and that if he didn't get her out of there she would never come even close to reaching it. Making a deal with the syndicate, Laelia would be freed from ownership but the Jedi Master Phex Inek was unable to also negotiate the release of her sister. While at first Lae refused to leave without her, her sister convinced her to spread her wings and build a future out there for both of them so she could join her later. Somehow sensing that this would be the last time she saw Liv alive she said her goodbyes and joined Master Inek on his ship. The first weeks were perhaps rougher than anything the Jedi training could pose. After years of addiction the rapid detox almost killed her outright. However by the end of it, she was a new person. Feeling things she hadn't in almost a decade and sensitive to all new kinds of powers the experience was almost intoxicating in itself.

Both her age and her history made Jedi training harder than it was for most. Her soul was not pure and at peace but it was violent and filled with hate. However despite that all, her violence and hatred was tempered by a desire for justice. A desire for all peoples to live in peace, for no one to experience what she and her sister had. The trials of the mind would prove her ultimate challenge, as most of the physical and even force related training were smooth sailing. She needed to channel her feelings into a way that aligned with the Jedi Code. On her final challenge to make her own lightsaber, the young Padawan became trapped in a cave. As the cave was sealed airtight and the increasing lack of oxygen made her hallucinate she felt tortured by the ghosts of her past. Her parents and siblings telling her she had failed them, the friends she had made among the other slaves telling her she had abandoned them and finally a hallucination of Livia telling her she should have never left her alone in their hands. Resigned to death, she noticed a blue shimmering in the distance. The opening was incredibly narrow but she could fit, if only just. As she forced her way through there, with her final breath she managed to make it into a second chamber. One whose opening had not collapsed in the quake earlier. And just as she left the tunnel she saw what she had come there for in the first place. The blue crystal to finish her lightsaber.

Proud of what his Padawan had accomplished, Phex welcomed her into the Order fully as she assembled the weapon. Now a full member of the Jedi Order and ready to make the galaxy a safer space she would also work to fulfill her promise to free Livia and provide the both of them. As part of this she requested to be placed on Peacekeeping duties primarily. A request, which considering Master Inek's own experience within the field, was approved. To her shock after things had gotten too hot under their feet, the syndicate had moved off planet and taken Livia with them. For years Lae would continue looking as she developed a growing network of contacts through her regular duties until she eventually found reliable information on where they had moved. Seeking to free her sister finally, she travelled there only to learn from local authorities that her sister had been killed by a client days before her arrival. Overtaken by pain, sadness and anger she committed one of the gravest sins and took justice in her own hands. Tracking down the lair she killed every single member of the syndicate that had abused her for a decade and had killed her sister. Leaving no witnesses to the carnage, local authorities would receive an anonymous tip the next day where they could find the slaves and others forced to work for the cartel so they could develop new lives.

Without purpose Lae took a sabbatical to rediscover her sense of belonging in the galaxy and to find a new goal to focus on now that saving her sister was permanently rendered impossible. In the end it was the realization that evil people still continued to roam unchecked and even deeper evil threatening to take the Republic and its citizens into deeper chaos that made her return to the Jedi Order.