Apprentice Johal

Name Johal

Position Sith Apprentice

Rank Apprentice


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Vital Statistics

Gender Female
Species Pureblood Sith
Age 40
Allegiance sith
Specialism sithch


Weapons Lightsaber (red crystal)
Equipment Sith Robes

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 150lb
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Johal is a pureblooded female member of the Sith species with dark red skin and yellow eyes she is tall but has a slender figure.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Johal is a diehard Sith whose loyalties to the Empire have never wavered, her steadfast and unflinching loyalty to the Empire has put her on the radar of the Emperor and the Dark Council, and made her numerous enemies in the Republic and Empire alike.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Absolute loyalty to the Empire
+ Ruthless warrior who strives to achieve whatever mission is assigned to her regardless of the risks she must face to achieve her goals
+ Strong with the Force
+ Singlemindedness when carrying out her mission(s)

- Singlemindedness when carrying out her mission(s) as she is sometimes determined to achieve her goals one way that she is blind to alternatives.
- Quick to challenge any rival Sith or Jedi to battle often overlooking the risks to herself
- Has little or no tolerance for failure or insubordination
Ambitions Improve her knowledge of the force
Improve her skills with a lightsaber
Bring as much of the galaxy under Imperial control
Hobbies & Interests Torturing slaves and prisoners of war for fun and or information
Studying the histories of the planets subjugated under Imperial rule
Studying the history of the Galactic Republic striving to find the weaknesses that might finally enable the Sith Empire to conquer the Republic.

Learned Skills

Lightsaber Forms Form III
Form V (Djem So)
Force Powers Core
Battle precognition
Force Choke
Force Cloak
Force Run
Saber Throw
Stealth Stride

Skills Being Learned

Personal History

History Prior to the Jedi Civil War (Pre-3960BBY) Johal was born on Dromund Kaas in the year 4000BBY her father was member of the Dark Council and her mother an enforcer working for her husband, from birth it was apparent that Johal was strong with the Force, which came as no great surprise given her parents were fully fledged Sith Lords.

In 3882BBY Johal was sent to the Sith Academy on Dromund Kaas to finish her formal training as a Sith Acolyte after learning the basics at the feet of her parents who were hard on their daughter and often punished here for the slightest mistakes.

When Johal left the Dromund Kaas Sith Academy she was dispatched to the fringes of the Empire to enforce the rule of law on worlds under Imperial control, it was on the fringes of the Empire Johal made a name for herself as a ruthless Sith Apprentice determined to ensure that the Emperor's will was upheld.

In the year 3970BBY Johal was recalled to Dromund Kaas at the behest of the Dark Council after an attempt on the life of the Minister of War by assailant(s) unknown, her investigation led her to Ziost where she learned of the double-life that the Minister of War led, and that the assassins had been hired by a former associate of the Minister of War. The end results of the investigation was the removal of and the subsequent execution of the Minister of War, and several other officials with dubious ties to shady business dealings.

In the lead up to the Jedi Civil War Johal was installed as Sith Overseer of Imperial affairs on a planet in the farthest reaches of Imperial Space, where she ensured that the authorities kept a close eye on the quite sizable alien population and kept the sizable slave population brutally oppressed.
Jedi Civil War History (3960BBY) In the year 3960BBY Johal was recalled to Dromund Kaas at the behest of the Emperor who wished to make use of his Chosen Sith enforcer, her primary task was to go wherever the Emperor/Dark Council sent her, and ensure the success of any Imperial missions she was attached to. The Emperor and or Dark Council did not care how she got the job done, so long as she was successful, the end results would justify the means used to achieve them.