Knight Sice Isatu

Name Sice Isatu

Position Jedi Knight

Rank Knight


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Vital Statistics

Gender Female
Species Noobian
Age 21
Allegiance jedi
Specialism jedico


Weapons Sice has one weapon at her disposal - a single bladed lightsaber constructed with a kyber crystal obtained during her Gathering ceremony on Ilum. As a result of this crystal, her lightsaber has an emerald coloured glow to it.
Equipment BD-7, a BD-Unit Droid who she liberated from a Mandalorian unit during the last days of the Mandalorian Wars. They have struck up quite the bond and BD-7 accompanies Sice and her Master on most missions.

Other gear includes:
Data pad
Holographic communicator
Underwater Breathing Apparatus
Slicer Kit
Utility belt
Black leather effect jacket and boots
Light, cream coloured clothing

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 122lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short in stature and with a fragile body frame, Sice Isatu is the epitome of the phrase “appearances can be deceptive”. Agile and nimble, she is physically fit and very athletic which has enabled her to master the lightsaber combat form of Soresu; high maneuverability being an asset in the forms focus on defence. Dependent on the mission requirement, Sice has two choices when it comes to attire. Her standard, and most comfortable, is the cream and brown coloured robes of the Jedi, as well as the functional utility belt that accompanies them. When the mission requires something a little more ‘casual’, the young Jedi wears a black, leather jacket with cream and black sleeveless tops and comfortable brown pants that allow her to maintain maximum maneuverability in any situation. Sewn into the lining of her jacket is a type of shoulder holster for her lightsaber, the weight of the device (which is still actually quite lightweight due to the parts involved in its construction) helps the jacket to stay closed even when not zipped up and also enables the weapon to remain concealed. But, with a simple hand gesture and the use of the force, the saber can be in Sice’s hand, or through the gut of an enemy in a nanosecond.

Described by many as having a beautiful, classy and elegant look to the way she presents herself, her distinctive dark lips and eyeliner can also make her seem quite serious and, sometimes, angry. In honor of her Noobian heritage, and as a symbol of her achievements in her ascent to Jedi status, Sice has a number of black tattoos on her back - these tattoos are not for others to see, but for the youngster to cherish. To accompany her feminine charm, the young Jedi has a rather quiet, sultry voice that can draw people in and calm even the most tense of situations.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serene and placid on the surface, Sice is a very calming individual and for some, that can come across as a weakness, but to underestimate her is folly. Like most Jedi, Sice favours conversation and diplomacy over physical confrontation, but she is a more than capable strategist and tactician, having led countless Republic troopers into battle during the recent Mandalorian Wars, both alongside her Master and independently as she grew in prominence. In recent years, as she has dealt with the emotions of being left alone for an increasing amount of time, the young Jedi has had to come to terms with the fact that she will soon be taking part in the Trials, and, all being well, her time as a Padawan will be over.

Charming and easy to get on with, Sice is fiercely loyal to her friends and family and maintains close ties with those from her Gathering.

Like many of her Jedi brethren, Sice is a very spiritual person with a deep belief system rooted around her understanding of the force and its role in connecting all living things in the universe - something that isolated her from her peers on Naboo. Brought up to believe that every action taken would eventually contribute to one's overarching destiny, a type of karma if you will, Sice rarely acts without great consideration and concern for the outcome.
Strengths & Weaknesses Like many of her Jedi brethren, Sice is a very spiritual person with a deep belief system rooted around her understanding of the force and its role in connecting all living things in the universe - something that isolated her from her peers on Naboo. Brought up to believe that every action taken would eventually contribute to one's overarching destiny, a type of karma if you will, Sice rarely acts without great consideration and concern for the outcome.

Sice is a talented pilot, having flown in countless missions against the Mandalorian army, but she is also a more than adept field commander, having spent significant time under the tutelage of her Master, and putting her learning into practice by commanding several missions herself.

Kind and caring, Sice is more than willing to simply listen to a person’s woes and be there to support them. Compassion, as she was always taught, was a trait to be commended.

She considers herself to be an expert duelist in the form of Soresu, but she is equally as formidable with a blaster, having taught herself to use the primitive weapon in recent years and in times where the use of her lightsaber would get her into significant difficulties. Whilst she is considered to be a competent duelist, perhaps one of the finest of her Padawan generation, she has never had to test herself against a lightsaber wielding foe intent on killing her, so it is uncertain as to how competent she actually is.

She is more of a theorist and a tactician and struggles with practical, hands on activities such as repairing her fighter, or her droid, and has had to work really hard to even teach herself the ability to understand the language of her droid.

Despite being easy to get on with, Sice has little in the way of a sense of humour and struggles to grasp jokes and pranks, though less people tend to play pranks on her these days.
Hobbies & Interests Sice likes to swim, so when she is certain that she is safe to do so, she will delight in taking the time to glide through a lake or river, or even just float there, staring into the sky above. She is deep into her religious and spiritual beliefs which requires her to spend time every day meditating.

Learned Skills

Lightsaber Forms Sice considers herself to be a master of the Soresu form of lightsaber combat which utilizes motions that occur very close to the body, in an attempt to achieve near-total protection and expend as little energy as possible while executing moves. The form fits her physical form perfectly as it stresses the need for quick reflexes and fast positional transition, in order to overcome the rapidity with which a blaster can be fired. This technique minimises the body's exposure, making a well-trained practitioner nearly invincible. The form also requires the individual to have patience and stamina as they prepare for prolonged battles where they would often observe and learn as much as possible about an opponent's technique while engaged in combat.

In stark contrast to her preferred form of lightsaber combat, Sice is also a student of Djem So which was the creation of a group of Form III masters who felt that Soresu was too passive a form. It addressed the shortcomings of Form III, in which a Jedi Master could maintain a prolonged defense but was likewise unable to overcome a skilled opponent. Utilizing a combination of blocks and parries, a Djem So user maintained a proper foundation of defense against both ranged and melee attacks. While a Soresu user stayed on the defensive and only counterattacked when necessary or when an opening appeared in the opponent's defense, a Djem So practitioner was not as passive. Immediately after defending against an opponent's strike, a Djem So stylist followed with an attack of their own, bringing the force of the opponent's own blow against them and seeking to dominate the duel. Djem So placed a heavy focus on brute strength and pure power, with wide, powerful strikes and parries followed immediately by a counterattack.
Force Powers -Absorption
-Breath Control
-Core Force Powers
-Force Awareness
-Force Persuasion
-Rapid Burst
-Speed Rush

Skills Being Learned

Skills Approved by Jedi Council/Dark Council -Battle Meditation
-Force Repulse
-Saber throw

Personal History

History Prior to the Jedi Civil War (Pre-3960BBY) Born on the world of Naboo in 3981BBY, Sice was the third of five siblings to be born to her parents. Being force sensitive was uncommon for Noobians, but it was clear very early on that Sice was far more connected to ‘the Force’ than any Noobian previously identified, which led to the child being identified by the Jedi as strong enough in the force to start Jedi training. She was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where she would begin her training as a youngling. For her family, it was a bittersweet moment; they were absolutely delighted to have a Jedi in their family, but the likelihood was very slim that they would ever see their daughter or sister again.

On Coruscant, Sice was put into a clan with which she spent nearly all of her time, living together and training together under the tutelage of Grand Master Uadra, the first Zabrak to hold the rank, and other Jedi at the temple. During these formative years, the youngling began to hone her sensitivity in the Force. Whilst she struggled to grasp some of the powers attributed to the Jedi at first, it was clear that her precognition abilities were superior to most in her clan, which gave her an edge in their training, especially when dueling. It was because of her ability in dueling lessons that she began to stand out in the crowd and caught the eye of visiting Master Deakon Iersa just before her Gathering ceremony. Iersa was on Coruscant after a period off world with his first Padawan, Lorik Ankim. Both were called in to do some guest lessons with the clans and during the session on dueling, Sice was the first to step up and show her ability against the Master's Padawan. Whilst she was ultimately bested, as to be expected when in ‘combat’ with someone who had ten years more experience, the youngling performed admirably. Whilst they remained on the planet, Iersa and his Padawan took the youngling under their wing and spent time getting to know her abilities. Although she didn’t know it at the time, Iersa had already decided that she would become his next Padawan, providing she passed the Gathering (and his first Padawan passed his upcoming trials).

Several weeks later, the youngling clan were taken to the Arctic world of Ilum where Grand Master Uadra presented the children with their first task on the way to becoming a Padawan - the Gathering. There, she was presented with the challenge of a lifetime, to track down the kyber crystal that would be needed to make her first lightsaber. Before she could find the crystal, however, she would have to face her darkest fears. During her journey through the labyrinth of the Ilum caves, she was alarmed to hear the screams of one of the other younglings. Running to the child’s aide, she found her friend, Qiren-Vos-Del, who had fallen onto a ledge several feet below the main ice shelf of the cavern. Below her friend, a three-hundred-foot drop, and very nearly certain death. With her friend’s life hanging in the balance, and using her strong connection to the force, Sice tried to use her powers of force telekinesis to help pull Qiren towards her, and towards ultimate safety. Qiren too used all of the power she could muster but it soon became clear, however, that the stress of the situation was taking its toll on the 9-year-olds and as hard as they tried, they just couldn’t hold on for long enough. Sice desperately reached out at the last second to grab hold of Qiren, but to no avail. She was left to watch and weep as her friend fell into the darkness below, with piercing screams echoing through the cavern. With darkness falling and the door to the cave freezing ever more, the heartbroken youngling was forced to move on, or risk being sealed in the caves. She pulled herself to her feet and was about to walk away when a glistening object caught her eye. Across what she had believed to be an endless pit, the blue light of the crystal illuminated an ice shelf some distance away. Had it been this that Qiren had been reaching for?

Faced with going back empty handed, having failed to save her friend and gain her crystal, the youngling knew she had to at least try, if not for herself, but for Qiren too. Sice had always been very athletic even without the aid of the force, her small stature had seen to that, and she had often been able to jump great distances, but this was a stretch, even for her. Still, she backed up a large distance and then, with deep breaths and closed eyes she began sprinting towards the edge of the precipice. At the last second, and when it appeared she would disappear into the same darkness that Qiren had, her eyes sprung open and the youngling pounced, jumping through the air. As she closed the gap, she could feel herself almost running out of steam, but with the thought of her friend’s demise in her mind, she pushed one last time and finally tumbled onto the ice ledge with just centimeters to spare. When she brushed herself off, she looked back across the ravine until a whistling sort of sound drew her attention back to the crystal just a few feet away. She took a few tentative steps forward and reached out for the crystal that had called to her from across the distance. As soon as she had plucked it from the ice, the cave walls around her began to shake, clumps of ice falling from the roof above until an opening formed, an opening just big enough for her to climb through. And there was light at the end of the tunnel.

The farther she climbed, the brighter the light became until finally, she emerged back in the main cavern where Master Uadra and the other younglings were gathered. She wept as she recounted the tragedy of the cave to her Master, only for him to remind her, in true Uadra fashion, that the caves tested the younglings in ways they had never been tested before. And sure enough, Qiren-Vos-Del emerged from her own tunnel into the cavern and revealed how, instead of falling to her death, she had in fact fallen into a large lake of ice-cold water, at the bottom of which she had found her own crystal. She had only obtained her crystal when she had overcome her own fear of drowning. Under Uadra’s wise counsel, it became clear that Sice’s test had been to overcome her intense fear of loss and to learn that no matter what she faced, she could go on if she only persevered and pushed herself.

Sice spent most of the journey back to Coruscant resting, mentally exhausted from her trial, but not too exhausted to complete her task of assembling her lightsaber. Upon completion, and activating it for the first time, the blade that appeared was a brilliant emerald colour that mesmerised her for several moments. Lighter in colour than the sabers she had trained with in the Temple, the entire device also felt lighter to the touch, moving in her hands as if it weighed no more than a feather. When she eventually deactivated it and attached the shining hilt to her belt, the youngling felt such a feeling of accomplishment that, for a while at least, she forgot what was to come - the time of choosing.

In the weeks that followed, Sice watched as youngling after youngling was chosen to become the Padawan of Knight and Master alike, and the young Noobian began to lose hope. However, almost three weeks since the time of her gathering, Sice was summoned to the gardens of the Jedi Temple where she was greeted by the familiar face of Master Iersa, only he was without his Padawan this time. Iersa explained to her that he had earmarked her as his apprentice the very first time he had met her but had had to wait for his Padawan to take on his own trials, which had happened only a day previously. He also told how he had explained to the other Jedi who were waiting to select their Padawans how he was certain that he was the one to take Sice’s training to the next level, how he had seen their meeting as a premonition in the Force. The story made Sice feel so special, so important and, most importantly, it made her feel like she could achieve anything under the Jedi Master’s guidance. Thus began six years of training as her master’s apprentice. During this period of time, unbeknownst to the youngling, the galaxy was in a period of turmoil with the Mandalorian Wars.

The Mandalorians raided star systems in the Outer Rim Territories for over a decade before they actually came into conflict with the Republic Military in 3965 BBY. Led by Mandalore the Ultimate, who pioneered the Neo-Crusader movement with the help of his lieutenant, Cassus Fett, the Mandalorians conquered systems along the eastern edge of the galaxy. Though their conquests included the near extinction of the Cathar species, it was not until their assaults on worlds near the planet Taris that they drew the Republic's attention. After a year of small conflicts known as the False War, the Mandalorians broke through the Republic's lines and besieged Taris in 3963 BBY, and then invaded the Republic through three separate corridors in what became known as the Onslaught.

The tide ultimately turned when a group of interventionist Jedi known as the Revanchists, of which Deakon Iersa was a member, led by the charismatic Revan and his friend Malak, joined the Republic Military in combating the Mandalorians. A tactical genius, Revan won several victories against the Mandalorians and began to reclaim lost territory, prompting Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa to appoint him Supreme Commander in 3962 BBY. Driving back the Mandalorians, Revan forced a final showdown with Mandalore the Ultimate at the Battle of Malachor V in 3960 BBY. Revan personally defeated Mandalore in single combat as the Republic and Mandalorian fleets battled above Malachor V, and the activation of the superweapon known as the Mass Shadow Generator devastated both the planet and the participating fleets.

With the Mandalorian Wars over at last, and the Padawan deep into her training under the tutelage of her Master, the galaxy entered a period of peace and tranquillity. At least, that is, until the latest conflict broke out just several months later…